MWS Hujra Shah Muqeem conducted the teacher training program with the help of the organization of Government of  Pakistan “Education Sector Reforms Assistance”. With the help of  ESRA “Mukhliseen Welfare Society” in 2004-2005 completed the project of the teaching training of the private schools’ teachers of  Tehsil Depalpur. It provided training about to sixteen hundred teachers in Hujra Shah Muqeem, Basirpur, Mandi Ahmad Abad, Rajowal, Shergarh, and in Depalpur, conducting its training campus.


MWS ensure that our students develop both the skills that a sound education provides and the competencies essential for success and leadership in the emerging creative is that every child has the support they need to thrive and achieve. We work to make this vision a reality by helping disadvtanged, vlunerable and disaffected children overcome barriers to learning through the support of highly-trained, independent workers in schools and through training and consultancy services around our best practice.


Our mission is to provide the resources and services needed to open doors to lifelong learning, to citizens and to offer and support cultural activities.Collects and disseminates data on NSW public libraries,Develops public library standards, guidelines and policies,Identifies and researches industry-wide issues



MWS Science Club is the place for students who are interested in science to learn about all scopes of science from medicine to chemistry to physics to the environment.The purpose of the Science Club is To promote an interest in the sciences, To experience the sciences above and beyond the classroom setting, To provide career information, and To enhance the involvement of science students within MWS.


MWS believe that book gap is a problem we can solve with broad community involvement. The MWS Book Bank engages schools, businesses, faith groups, civic groups, individuals, scouts, teams, etc. in collecting and preparing donated books for distribution.

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